Mount ssh filesystems under Linux or how I mounted my webspace into my root server

Today I had to mount a ssh filesystem under Linux. The reason was, that I had the perception that I would be a very cool idea, to use my old webspace package from, that I only kept because of the 10 included domains, as a backup storage for my root server.
The plan was to mount the accessible webspace file system to my server and make a snapshot of the local disk and save it to the webspace.

This is how I mounted the remote file system:

$> sudo apt-get update
$> sudo apt-get upgrade
$> sudo apt-get install sshfs
$> sudo mkdir /mnt/folder
$> sudo sshfs ssh-user@host:/path/to/htdocs/backup /mnt/folder

No everything I put into /mnt/folder is automatically saved on my old webspace into the /path/to/htdocs/backup folder.

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