Linux – Get information about installed memory

On Ubuntu you’ll get the all memory (RAM) information with:

Example output:

If you only want to get the amount of installed memory, you can use grep to filter the output:

Example output:

To get the the amount of free memory you can simply use:

Example output:

It also gives you […]

Copy system image to SD-Card

To get a bootable SD-Card from an image file (*.img) you can run teh dd command like tahe

This creates the necessary boot bartition and system partition on device  /dev/mmcblk0. To get a list of your mounted partitions look here.  

Change screenshot storage location under Mac OSX

Change screenshot storage location under Mac OSX you have to run the following command on a terminal:

After running the commands above, your screenshots are stored in the Pictures folder of your users home folder. The article screenshot shortcuts for Mac OSX describes how to take screenshots via shortcut on your Mac.