Add Additional configuration areas

Sometimes it’s necessary to add some custom areas / keys to the Typo3 configuration ($GLOBALS[‘TYPO3_CONF_VARS’]). In my case I needed some auth-data for a Magento / Typo3 crossover in a curl call. The problem is: If you made manual changes in the typo3conf/LocalConfiguration.php , after a configuration save over the install tool, all changes will be […]

Fix problems with PHPStorm’s missing code completion and inspection

From time to time PHPStorm’s code completion stops working correctly (v 7.1.x). You’ll get no more hints and error positions will keep their marking although you fixed them. The solution in to run “File -> Invalidate Caches / Restart …“. After that, the IDE restarts and everything will work great again.  

Get all Root-Category-IDs of all stores

This snippet gives you all entity_id’s of all Root-IDs of the Magento instance:


Error cause by DEFINER in MySQL-dumps

When importing MySQL- dumps of a Magento database sometimes you get an error message like that (although you can connect to the database via shell f.e.):

In these cases you’ ll recognize that the user, who tries to connect, is wrong (not the user defined in the mysql-call). This is caused by  DEFINER declarations […]

Reset Icons And Logos After Upgrade

All images are laying in the root folder of dokuwiki. So you can do

from within the root. The $> touch conf/local.php resets the update hints (yellow boxes). Or just use this bash script: