New plugin for for DokuWiki

As for Piwik 2.0, I published a new plugin to embed Matomo into DokuWiki today. Matomo ist the follow-up of Piwik and. The switch took place between Piwik 3.2.1 and Matomo 3.3.0 in January 2018. It has exactly the same purpose and functionality but is adapted for Matomo. You can find it on and the repository can […]

Reset Icons And Logos After Upgrade

All images are laying in the root folder of dokuwiki. So you can do $> cp -f favicon.ico lib/tpl/dokuwiki/images/favicon.ico $> cp -f logo.png lib/tpl/dokuwiki/images/logo.png $> cp -f apple_icon.png lib/tpl/dokuwiki/images/apple-touch-icon.png $> touch conf/local.php $> rm -rf data/cache/* from within the root. The $> touch conf/local.php resets the update hints (yellow boxes). Or just use this bash script: […]