Add product attribute columns to Woocommerce backend grid

If you have to extend the backend product grid of Woocommerce by an custom attribute , you have to follow the steps below to add product attribute columns to Woocommerce backend grid: Register and sort  the new columns via a filter hook (‘manage_edit-product_columns’):

Add an action hook to fill in the respective value of each row […]

wordpress cron: using wp_mail function

Today I had to solve the problem, that my wordpress cron throws an exception like this when sending an email via wp_mail function inside a cron scheduled event function.

The wordpress cron was registered like that:

And the wordpress cron mechanism was triggered via Linux crontab:

Problem with wp_mail in wordpress cron […]

Force HTTPS for WordPress Installations

Just add this snippet to the beginning of your rewrite section of your .htaccess file to force HTTPS:

As you can see, I placed it directly under “RewriteEngine On”. Or you can also  use this Snippet to force HTTPS for your application:

Force HTTPS behind a proxy If you are behind a proxy […]

Change the basedomian of your blog

Sometimes you have to change the base domains of your blog. Therefore there are the following possibilities (ATTENTION: These snippets are thought to be used with a single site installation): Backend settings If you have access to the Backend of your WordPress installation, you can change the basedomain of your blog under: Settings -> General -> WordPress […]