Process list on Linux

To get a list of all running processes (process list) with CPU usage and Memory usage:

You can use param -r for showing only active processes. With one more additional w (f.e.: ps –wwaux) you will get the whole command. Otherwise very long commands are cut of.

Linux – Convert CR2 to JPG / PNG / etc.

To convert images taken from an Canon EOS 600D in CR2 format to the jpg format you need to install the ufraw package.

After that you can navigate to the folder that contains the cr2-files and run the following bash script:

As bash alias:

Linux – Add or edit DNS-server

In most Linux distribution the nameservers are stored in the file /etc/resolv.conf So you can edit it via:

You will see something like that:

As you can see all nameserver entries follow the pattern:

When searching for an DNS-Server the list is processed top down. The first entry that is reachable and […]