Add JavaScript or CSS in Block class

 To add JavaScript or CSS files to the head section of the resulting HTML page, you can add something like this to the _prepareLayout function of a Block class: $headBlock = $this->getLayout()->getBlock(‘head’); $headBlock->addJs(‘somefolder/ask-sheldon.js’); $headBlock->addCss(‘somefolder/ask-sheldon.css’); As you can see, we can use the layout model to get the head block an use its functions to add files. This […]

Automatically load custom product attribute with collection (every time)

You can do this with the following XML in your config.xml: <frontend> <product> <collection> <attributes> <ATTRIBUTECODE/> </attributes> </collection> </product> </frontend> But ATTENTION: This can become a performance issue, because it loads the attribute every time the product collection is loaded! If you added too many attributes, the performance can get worse!