Install Arch-Linux on a Raspberry Pi

Arch Linux is a very clean and lightweight Linux distribution. With the following steps you can install it on a SD-Card to run it on a Raspberry Pi: Get the device name (dev-path) of the SD-Card to run the operating system (see Get a list of partitions or List, partitioning and format drives) $> sudo fdisk -l […]

Simulate store to set or get store specific values

In earlier Magento versions it was quite difficult to set or read store specific values on entities. In most cases you have to set the store on the whole application instance like that: <?php Mage::app(STOREID)->setStore(STOREID); … $oProduct->setStore(STOREID); … $oCollection->setStore(STOREID); Sometimes it was even necessary to add the store  to entities or collections it-selves too. Now (at least […]

Copy SD-Card with all partitions

To copy a SD-Card to another one including all partitions yo can take the following steps: Find out the device name (f.e.: /dev/mmcblk0): see List, partitioning and format drives or see Get a list of partitions or see Get free disk space and partitions Copy the whole card to an imagefile (Backup): $> sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=backup_pi.img bs=4M […]

Apache Cache Headers

Here are some nice Apache configuration entries that will increase your website performance. They can be placed in a .htaccess file: <IfModule mod_headers.c> ## # Add a Vary Accept-Encoding header for the compressed resources. If you # modify the file types above, make sure to change them here accordingly. ## Header unset ETag # Header set […]

LED clock assembly

Recently I brought this assembly kit Bluetooth led clock at Banggood: Here are some pictures showing the process: The assembly was relatively easy. Except the SMD leds, resistors, transistors and capacitors! They were a little bit harder to solder. Unfortunately the Bluetooth feature didn’t work with my actual mobile phone, that has Android 4.4 […]

Adafriut webIDE BETA release

Yeah the next prank from Adafruit! They build up their own web-based development IDE. At the moment it’s only in beta state but I think the chance is very high that it will become very awesome. Right now it runs on Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone and supports Ruby, Python and JavaScript. The genius part is, that the code […]