Search query: list files containing a certain term

To get a list of files that contain a certain term for the current directory you can use this command to find the search query: $> grep -lr SEARCHTERM This shell command searches the current directory recursively (-r) and lists (-l) all files containing the search query SEARCHTERM. SEARCHTERM can also be a regular expression. Example result: […]

Linux – Get information about installed memory

On Ubuntu you’ll get the all memory (RAM) information with: $> cat /proc/meminfo Example output: MemTotal: 32829172 kB MemFree: 27614092 kB Buffers: 350460 kB Cached: 2232256 kB SwapCached: 0 kB Active: 2629788 kB Inactive: 1925788 kB Active(anon): 1989372 kB Inactive(anon): 443036 kB Active(file): 640416 kB Inactive(file): 1482752 kB Unevictable: 6056 kB Mlocked: 6056 kB SwapTotal: 0 […]