Convert linefeeds for all files in a folder (CRLF to LF)

If you are working in teams using different operating systems, it could happen, that you get files with unsuitable linefeeds in it. For me as a Linux user the bad guys are normally CRLF’s (Carriage Return and Line Feed @see To just convert the CRLF’s in a single file to LF you can use the […]

Disallow crawling in robots.txt

Disallow all


Lock shellscript process under Unix based systems

Today I ran again into a common problem when dealing with cron based scipts that run concurrently. That’s why I had to lock shellscript process until it is finished before starting the next executing round. On Unix based systems like Linux you can achieve that with flock. flock binds a file descriptor to a certain lock […]

Multiselect Options Text

To render the text-values of an multiselect in a BE-grid:


Htaccess Auth for wget and curl

You can download files protected by Basic Htaccess Auth via wget like that:

Or via curl like that:


Redirect all traffic to another URL via htaccess

To redirect all traffic to another URL, you can use the following Redirect-declaration in your .htaccess file.

For example this redirects all calls to my profile domain to my linkedin account.

Image resizer

Just a testscript to test the quality of Magento’s image processing: