Convert linefeeds for all files in a folder (CRLF to LF)

If you are working in teams using different operating systems, it could happen, that you get files with unsuitable linefeeds in it. For me as a Linux user the bad guys are normally CRLF’s (Carriage Return and Line Feed @see To just convert the CRLF’s in a single file to LF you can use the […]

Shrink PDF

For some applications it is necessary to keep the file size of an PDF under a certain limit. For example for  document uploads on some websites or to maintain the attachment file size limit of some email server.  You can use the following shell script to have a schrink command (Source: Usage Webservice to shrink […]

Lock shellscript process under Unix based systems

Today I ran again into a common problem when dealing with cron based scipts that run concurrently. That’s why I had to lock shellscript process until it is finished before starting the next executing round. On Unix based systems like Linux you can achieve that with flock. flock binds a file descriptor to a certain lock […]