Docker cheat sheet to handle the Docker universe

Before a while I got in touch with the wonderful world of the Docker (see cosmos. I think it is one of the most important virtualisation technology at the moment. On this page I will just collect useful commands that helped me a lot in my daily work with Docker, Docker-Compose ( and other stack […]

AWS reinitialize Elastic Beanstalk environment

To initialize a Amazon Webservice Elastic Beanstalk environment you generally use the command: $> eb init But sometimes you need to reinitialize the environment, because you made a mistake or want to change the programming language or AWS region of the connected environment. In these cases you can reinitialize Elastic Beanstalk Environment by the -i parameter: $> […]

Enable https behind loadbalancers for Contao CMS

Recently I had the pleasure to setup Contao ( in the Amazon cloud (AWS – Elastic Beanstalk). Therefore I had to enable HTTPS behind loadbalancers. The problem was, that the AWS-Loadbalancer is the SSL Endpoint / SSL Terminator in an AWS Beanstalk – architecture. Contao didn’t recognize, that it was running under HTTPS and therefore set the wrong […]