Get constant value by generated name

Today a colleague of mine ask me if it is possible to call a class constant inside of another class by generating the constant name on the fly. The reason was, that he had multiple constants in one class that had patterned / generic names like that:

And he wanted to address them like […]

Custom install path for composer package

Recently I had to build a custom Composer package that had to be installed to a custom install path inside of the target application. But the install path should have been only different for this single package. All other Composer packages had to be installed unter the vendor folder furthermore. Requirements I had the following requirements […]

Fix problems with PHPStorm’s missing code completion and inspection

From time to time PHPStorm’s code completion stops working correctly (v 7.1.x). You’ll get no more hints and error positions will keep their marking although you fixed them. The solution in to run “File -> Invalidate Caches / Restart …“. After that, the IDE restarts and everything will work great again.  

String helper class

Trigger Rest-API via curl

This snippet shows how to call a REST-API via curl. It also tells you how you can do a Basic-HTTP-Authentification to legitimate the call.

PHP – br2nl

As a reverse function of nl2br you can use:

IP Detection

This little snippet tries to get the IP-Address of the user:



Hence nl2br does NOT really replace newlines with <br /> tags (it only inserts a <br /> tag before each \n → newlines themselves are preserved), you can use this function to get it right (realNl2Br):