Redirect all requests to the a preferred domain

In many cases a website or web application should be accessible by multiple domains.  The Problem is, that google could treat that as duplicated content ( and also the trust is divided between all domains.  That’s why google suggests to choose a preferred (canonical) destination URL and to redirect all requests to the a preferred domain ( To achieve that, […]

Redirect all traffic to another URL via htaccess

To redirect all traffic to another URL, you can use the following Redirect-declaration in your .htaccess file.

For example this redirects all calls to my profile domain to my linkedin account.

Force HTTPS for WordPress Installations

Just add this snippet to the beginning of your rewrite section of your .htaccess file to force HTTPS:

As you can see, I placed it directly under “RewriteEngine On”. Or you can also  use this Snippet to force HTTPS for your application:

Force HTTPS behind a proxy If you are behind a proxy […]