Flush DNS Cache for PowerShell and WSL

When using Windows 10+ in combination with WLS(2) (Window Subsystem for Linux), you probably will stumble over some DNS resolution issues. For example: when you’ve changed the A-record for an IP and  you try to ping or dig the targeted domain. If you still get old IPs there, it could be caused by cached DNS […]

Override classes and constructor arguments

As for Magento 1 it is possible to override classes in Magento 2 as well. Don’t get me wrong. It is not recommended to override classes or methods. It should be the really last resort. Use a plugin or an observer whenever possible. But sometimes the code you’re working against isn’t suitable for one of […]

Find and reference standard attribute types in Akeneo code

All standard attribute types available in Akeneo are listed in “\Akeneo\Pim\Structure\Component\AttributeTypes” (File: src/Akeneo/Pim/Structure/Component/AttributeTypes.php). <?php namespace Akeneo\Pim\Structure\Component; /** * Attribute types dictionary * * @author Willy Mesnage <willy.mesnage@akeneo.com> * @copyright 2015 Akeneo SAS (http://www.akeneo.com) * @license http://opensource.org/licenses/osl-3.0.php Open Software License (OSL 3.0) */ final class AttributeTypes { const BOOLEAN = ‘pim_catalog_boolean’; const DATE = ‘pim_catalog_date’; const […]

FloppyDisk Pen Holder for Desktop

Recently I realised, that my girlfriend had some Floppy Disk left over, which are relics of my childhood and youth. Hence there is no real use for this historic storage media anymore, I decided to recycle / upcycle those Floppy Disks. The result where these FloppyDisk Pen Holder. How I designed the FloppyDisk Pen Holder […]

Create a bcrypt hash on commandline

Its easy to create a bcrypt hash  on commandline with this command: $> htpasswd -nbBC 10 USER PASSWORD Just replace the Placeholder USER and PASSWORD with the corresponding values. The Result should be something like that: USER:$2y$10$gfPbhclOrdjmMLEXSc5CTOWP5aBfjl59hhGvjp/qWXf1FfbQKb5ca The part before “:” is the username. The rest is the bcrypt password hash. The -C parameter specifies […]