Urgent: Magento / Typo3 wanted!!!

Hello folks, today I call you for help. I’am looking for Magento and  Typo3 developers for my team. There a a lot of very nice projects in the pipeline and I need more manpower to support me and my colleagues. So if you are interested or know someone who knows someone, please contact me or […]

Magento “Invalid website id requested.” error in backend on product save

Today I got a error in the Magento  backend telling me, that I have requested an invalid website_id (Invalid website id requested.), when I tried to save a product. The problem was, that I had deleted unused websites and stores over the Magento backend. Unfortunately Magento seemed to keep the relation between website and product, although […]

Now on Thingiverse.com

In the last few month I had the pleasure to make my first tiny steps into the wonderful world of 3D printing. And I realized, that I could uses a lot of my experiences I made in my informatics study to create 3D models again. Although I did advance in this sector too. The printing part […]

Disable autoformat in IntelliJ / PHPStorm

When using IntelliJ or PHPStorm as IDE, I use the autoformat for code (Code -> Reformat Code or Ctrl+Alt+L). It works great. But in some cases I need to disable autoformat for some parts of the code. This is how you can disable autoformat in your code:

The result after executing the autoformat command […]

Get constant value by generated name

Today a colleague of mine ask me if it is possible to call a class constant inside of another class by generating the constant name on the fly. The reason was, that he had multiple constants in one class that had patterned / generic names like that:

And he wanted to address them like […]

Save typing effort for complex MySQL queries with custom variables or procedures

To save time and because it’s not that smart to repeatedly retype the same things multiple times, you can user custom variables in MySQL like that:

You first have to run the SET query. Afterwards the variables are available for the whole session. Then you can fire the SELECT with the custom variables. Another […]

Disable touchpad under Ubuntu

This little tutorial shows, how to disable touchpad under Ubuntu (v. 16.04) permanently. The reason is, that I generally use only the red trackpoint of my Lenovo T530 as a pointing device. I don’t need a touchpad anyway. But when working with the trackpoint, I accidentally touch the touchpad with my thumbs many times. That […]