OpenSource file sharing with pydio dataware

Just discovered pydio ( I didn’t now this nice little file sharing tool before. A partner of my agency uses this OpenSource application to share files with customers and partners. It looks very nice, is responsive, provides native apps for iOS and Android, file synchronization over all platforms, flexible access control list (ACL) and is […]

MySQL server has gone away error fix for Magento

Today I wanted to test a tiny shell script, that didn’t do such magic stuff. It only generates a few websites, stores and storeviews and associates approximately 200 products to 4 websites. When I ran it locally I had no problems at all. But on the staging server I got the following error message when […]

Associate products to all websites more performant

Recently I had to associate all products of a shop to newly created websites in a setup shell script (Associate products to all websites). This could have been implemented┬álike that: <?php /** * Associates products to the newly created websites */ private function _associateProducts() { $aWebsiteIDs = Mage::getModel(‘core/website’) ->getResourceCollection() ->getAllIds(); //remove default website array_shift($aWebsiteIDs); // […]