Download or upload a file over SSH

#Copy something from this system to some other system: $> scp /path/to/local/file username@hostname:/path/to/remote/file   #Copy something from some system to some other system: $> scp username1@hostname1:/path/to/file username2@hostname2:/path/to/other/file   #Copy something from another system to this system: $> scp username@hostname:/path/to/remote/file /path/to/local/file You can add a port with the -P param You can do it recursive with […]

Add image product attribute

This is how to get a new image attribute to a given attribute set inside of a setup script (add image attribute for products): <?php /** * * Date: 5.12.2017 * Time: 0:58:0 * Last modified: 0:57:28 * Class / File: mysql4-upgrade-0.5.2-0.5.3.php * * Installs additional image attributes for customization * preview on product detail […]