Enable https behind loadbalancers for Contao CMS

Recently I had the pleasure to setup Contao (https://contao.org/) in the Amazon cloud (AWS – Elastic Beanstalk). Therefore I had to enable HTTPS behind loadbalancers. The problem was, that the AWS-Loadbalancer is the SSL Endpoint / SSL Terminator in an AWS Beanstalk – architecture. Contao didn’t recognize, that it was running under HTTPS and therefore set the wrong […]

Reset the password for user in Contao database

Recently I forgot the password of my Contao (https://contao.org) admin backend user. To regain control of the content management system, I had to reset the password for user in Contao database. All backend users and their credentials are stored in the Contao database in the table tl_user. The password is saved in the field password via a […]