Redirect all requests to the a preferred domain

In many cases a website or web application should be accessible by multiple domains.  The Problem is, that google could treat that as duplicated content ( and also the trust is divided between all domains.  That’s why google suggests to choose a preferred (canonical) destination URL and to redirect all requests to the a preferred domain ( To achieve that, […]

Export or extract a certificate to or from PFX

Sometimes you have to deliver or you even get your server certificate files in the pfx file format (personal information exchange, see, that is commonly used in Windows based environments. The following paragraphs show, how to export or extract a certificate to or from PFX. Export cert to PFX In order to export the Certificate, Private Key and any […]

Crossdomain crossite Ajax calls within a htaccess protected environment

Recently I had the challenge to implement crossdomain crossite Ajax calls within a htaccess protected environment (a crossover between Magento and Contao => both PHP-applications). But when the one application tried to call the other one via Ajax, I got the following error message in my developer  console in Chrome and Firefox and the call didn’t took place: […]

Run Python on Apache CGI

To run Python scripts as Apache CGI scripts you have to install and activate the apache cgi module (Ubuntu 12.04): $> sudo apt-get install python #if not already installed $> sudo a2enmod cgid #sudo a2enmod cgi in earlier Ubuntu versions And you have to add the following directive to your Apache configuration file: … <Directory /var/www/sheldonroot/cgi-bin> […]

Virtual hosts (vHosts)

Activate a vHost $> a2ensite In this example refers to the vhost configuration that is defined under /etc/apache2/sites-available/ . a2ensite creates a symbolic link under /etc/apache2/sites-enabled with the name that points to the configuration file /etc/apache2/sites-available/ So you can see, that you can do it manually too.  Deactivate a vHost $> a2dissite In contrast […]