Login to a htaccess restricted area via URL

To login to a htaccess restricted area (see http://www.ask-sheldon.com/protect-folder-via-htaccess/) via URL ist pretty simple (but often forgotten):

Please keep in mind, that in this case username and password are transmitted as plain text. There is no encryption or something like that! So anyone who plays man-in-the-middle is able to steel your credentials easily by just […]

Remove items from a collection

Sometimes you need to remove items from a collection (products f.e.) after it was loaded. The following example shows how I removed non salable product items from a collection of sibling products. The respective collection have to be inherited from Varien_Data_Collection.


Install KODI Mediacenter on Raspberry Pi 2 B+

Recently a  friend of mine asked me, if it would be possible to get a media center or something like that running on his old flat screen TV, that wasn’t a SmartTV. He wanted a kind of SmartTv-like app system (Add-Ons). So I decided to install KODI Mediacenter on Raspberry Pi 2 B+ that I had […]