Compress and extract files

With tar On Unix¬†based plattforms you can use the tar command for file compression and also for later uncompression. Compression $> tar -pczf web.tar.gz web/ With -h as the first parameter the real files instead symbolic links are compressed. So you can tar symbolic link targets. To exclude files or folder, you can define¬†–exclude=’fileOFolderPath’ directly […]


There are conditional commands for MySQL too. IF/ELSE SELECT FieldA as A, FieldB as B, IF(FieldA = FieldB, ‘equal’, ‘not equal’) as condition, FROM table WHERE this LIKE that Or cascaded: SELECT FieldA as A, FieldB as B, IF(FieldA = FieldB,’FieldA is equal to FieldB’,IF(FieldC = FieldD,’FieldC is equal to FieldD’,’all false’)) as output, FROM […]