Run multiple Magerun instances at once

In the past I already wrote articles about the very genius tool Magerun from Netz98, that I nearly use on every Magento project. Recently I had the challenge to run three instances of Magerun on the same physical server with only one shell account. This was necessary because I ordered a big cluster from maxcluster for […]

Image resizer

Just a testscript to test the quality of Magento’s image processing:


Prevent unwanted email delivery

If you have multiple instances of a Magento shop – for example a staging and a production environment – sooner or later you’ll come to the point, where you need to  synchronize the database from live- to stage-system to get realistic production-like application behavior. In this case it is a good idea to prevent the system from sending mails […]


Magerun is a very useful commandline tool for dealing with daily Magento development problem like: clean / flush caches reindexing the indices set configuration values in the database (core_config_data) shorthand query syntax for database accesses … It’s developed by netz98 ( and made my daily business so much easier. Installation (Linux)

GIT repository and […]

Magento – Reset Filepermissions

To reset filepermissions of Magento, you can run these commands on shell from within the Magento root folder:

perhaps you have to use sudo!!! As a bash script Or you can place all commands in a shellscript like the following one. I personally put these kind of tools in a folder tools/shellscripts that is situated […]