Magerun is a very useful commandline tool for dealing with daily Magento development problem like:

  • clean / flush caches
  • reindexing the indices
  • set configuration values in the database (core_config_data)
  • shorthand query syntax for database accesses

It’s developed by netz98 ( and made my daily business so much easier.

Installation (Linux)

$> wget
$> chmod +x ./n98-magerun.phar
$> sudo cp ./n98-magerun.phar /usr/local/bin/ #make it runs from everywhere

GIT repository and docs can be found here:

If you want to run Magerun in an Apache context, you have to tell your Apache, that .phar is an executable php file ending:

F.e. Apache configuration:

AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .phar

To use Magerun everywhere in your file system, you can define a bash_alieas.

F.e.: .bash_alias under Debian / Ubuntu
alias magerun="n98-magerun.phar --root-dir=/var/www/magentoroot/"
 The parameter root-dir depends on your Magento project root directory.


Updates can be done vial Magerun itself:

n98-magerun.phar self-update
# or over alias
magerun self-update

Usesage examples

Here are some examples for the power of this tool:

  • Reset Admin Password
    $> magerun admin:user:change-password
  • Set system config value
    $> magerun config:set "web/unsecure/base_url" ""
  • Dump system config
    $> magerun config:list
  • Clean caches
    $> magerun cache:clean
  •  Flush cache storages
    $> magerun cache:flush
  • Query database
    $> magerun db:query "SELECT * FROM core_config_data"
  • Run step wise setup scripts
    $> magerun sys:setup:incremental
  • Reindex
    $> magerun index:reindex:all

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