GIT – Remove file permissions

In most cases it is useful to manage file permissions for such projects separated from GIT otherwise these permissions are forced on all machines checking out the respective repository. And that can really be a really tricky affair. To remove file permissions from repository, you can run these commands from within your project folder (where .git folder […]

Reset the password for user in Contao database

Recently I forgot the password of my Contao ( admin backend user. To regain control of the content management system, I had to reset the password for user in Contao database. All backend users and their credentials are stored in the Contao database in the table tl_user. The password is saved in the field password via a […]

Export or extract a certificate to or from PFX

Sometimes you have to deliver or you even get your server certificate files in the pfx file format (personal information exchange, see, that is commonly used in Windows based environments. The following paragraphs show, how to export or extract a certificate to or from PFX. Export cert to PFX In order to export the Certificate, Private Key and any […]

Crossdomain crossite Ajax calls within a htaccess protected environment

Recently I had the challenge to implement crossdomain crossite Ajax calls within a htaccess protected environment (a crossover between Magento and Contao => both PHP-applications). But when the one application tried to call the other one via Ajax, I got the following error message in my developer  console in Chrome and Firefox and the call didn’t took place: […]