GIT – reconnect remote branch

Sometimes it is necessary to remap a local git  branch to a remote one (reconnect remote branch). For me it was the case, because I accidentally removed all origins in a multi-origin setup. Hence I got the following error message when trying to pull without naming remote and branch, although I re-added and fetched all […]

Export git subfolder to archive

Today a colleague of mine wanted to export a single folder from a git repository to a tar.gz archive. This is how to export git subfolder to archive: git archive –remote=’’ master path/to/file/or/folder/in/repo –format=tar.gz > archived_folder.tar.gz With this snippet the git repository folder path/to/file/or/folder/in/repo is exported to the archive file archived_folder.tar.gz. The archive will be cleared of all […]

GIT – Remove file permissions

In most cases it is useful to manage file permissions for such projects separated from GIT otherwise these permissions are forced on all machines checking out the respective repository. And that can really be a really tricky affair. To remove file permissions from repository, you can run these commands from within your project folder (where .git folder […]

Checkout subtree

Create and initialize your new repository: $> mkdir <repo> && cd <repo> $> git init $> git remote add –f <name> <url> Enable sparse-checkout: $> git config core.sparsecheckout true Configure sparse-checkout by listing your desired sub-trees in .git/info/sparse-checkout: $> echo some/dir/ >> .git/info/sparse-checkout $> echo another/sub/tree >> .git/info/sparse-checkout Checkout from the remote: $> git pull […]

GIT – Secrets (Cheat Sheet)

Init from the scratch $> mkdir /path/to/your/project $> cd /path/to/your/project $> git init $> git remote add origin $> git fetch First checkout $> git checkout origin/master $> git pull origin master Push to an existing repo $> cd /path/to/my/repo $> git remote add origin $> git push -u origin –all # pushes […]