Mount ISO file under Ubuntu Linux

Today I had the challenge, that I wanted to copy a DVD and ¬†play it with the VLC media player ( Therefore I had to learn how to mount iso file(s) under Linux. In my case it was Ubuntu 16.04.1. (see also my article about how to get your Linux distribution and version). How to […]

Associative arrays (hash, dictionary) on bash

This is how to create¬†associative arrays (hash, dictionary) on bash: #!/bin/bash if [ “$1” == “help” ] then echo “Help”; echo “USAGE:”; echo “========”; echo “ LIVE|STAGE”; exit 0; elif [ $1 ] then DOMAINS[‘LIVE’]=””; DOMAINS[‘STAGE’]=”; REQUEST_DOMAIN=””; if [ “$1” == “LIVE” -o “$1” == “STAGE” ] then REQUEST_DOMAIN=${DOMAINS[“$1”]}; else echo “You have to give […]