Generate a TOC for Markdown (Bitbucket, Git or Gitlab)

This tiny tutorial shows, how to generate a TOC for Markdown with the help of a tiny npm package called doctoc in just a few seconds. Since a while I write down the most important facts about a project or an module to the file of the corresponding GIT repository. That’s good to  keep […]

Comments in YAML

It’s no big deal to comment out a line in YAML. Just put a sharp (#) as the first character of that line. fileSync: typo3_user_upload: #rsync_params: ‘–delete -avhHxS’ #source: ‘shared/typomage/fileadmin/user_upload’ #target: ‘shared/typomage/fileadmin/user_upload’ typo3_redaktion: rsync_params: ‘–delete -avhHxS’ source: ‘shared/typomage/fileadmin/redaktion’ target: ‘shared/typomage/fileadmin/redaktion’ # magento_media: # rsync_params: ‘–delete -avhHxS’ # source: ‘shared/typomage/media/catalog/product’ # target: ‘shared/typomage/media/catalog/product’ As you can see […]