Setup monit behind Apache proxy under ISPConfig

Today I wanted to setup monit behind Apache proxy on my webserver, which runs ISPConfig ( under Debian. Monit is a OpenSource monitoring tool for Linux (see Requirements I had the following requirements on the solution: monit should only be accessible from the server itself (localhost) monit should run under a special SSL-secured URL (not IP:PORT as […]

Apache directory listing settings

Apache directory listing It is possible to let the webserver deliver a list of all files for a directory whenever a user navigates to it in the browser and there is no index file (f.e. index.html). The following Apache directory listing settings can achieve this behavior via entries in a .htaccess-file placed into the respective target folder. Enable


Force HTTPS for WordPress Installations

Just add this snippet to the beginning of your rewrite section of your .htaccess file to force HTTPS:

As you can see, I placed it directly under “RewriteEngine On”. Or you can also  use this Snippet to force HTTPS for your application:

Force HTTPS behind a proxy If you are behind a proxy […]

Apache – Allow crossite calls

To Allow crossite calls via Ajax or for Fonts and so one, from specific subdomains:

Or you can place a crossdomain.xml in your DocumentRoot (does not work everywhere)


Virtual hosts (vHosts)

Activate a vHost

In this example refers to the vhost configuration that is defined under /etc/apache2/sites-available/ . a2ensite creates a symbolic link under /etc/apache2/sites-enabled with the name that points to the configuration file /etc/apache2/sites-available/ So you can see, that you can do it manually too.  Deactivate a vHost

In contrast to the first example […]