Get a list of partitions

To get a list of your currently mounted partitions: $> sudo blkid -o list -w /dev/null Result device fs_type label mount point UUID —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- /dev/sda1 ext4 / 79012107-aeb7-4f72-95ca-a9ffaa9f502b /dev/sda5 swap <swap> 34e355d7-dd93-45f7-9696-02c6d4ebb8e8 /dev/sdb1 ntfs /media/7EEFE87C38D4D6CF 7EEFE87C38D4D6CF  

Get your admin id

If you are the admin of a Facebook page and need your admin id for external applications, you can get your Admin-ID with the Graph-API_Exploarer of Facebook: Steps get an access-token for user_about_me in GET-Input enter me?fields=id,name or just me SUBMIT Now you should see a JSON-Object-Dump in the result section: { “id”: “668145793255539”, […]