Get your admin id

If you are the admin of a Facebook page and need your admin id for external applications, you can get your Admin-ID with the Graph-API_Exploarer of Facebook:


  1. get an access-token for user_about_me
  2. in GET-Input enter me?fields=id,name or just me

Now you should see a JSON-Object-Dump in the result section:

  "id": "668145793255539", 
  "first_name": "Rundella", 
  "gender": "female", 
  "last_name": "Capriola", 
  "link": "", 
  "locale": "de_DE", 
  "name": "Rundella Capriola", 
  "timezone": 2, 
  "updated_time": "2014-05-14T09:52:04+0000", 
  "verified": true

The ID-Key is your Admin ID.

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