Firmware Upgrade Homematic Thermostate

This weekend my HomeMatic CCU2 told me, that there is a firmware upgrade for my heating thermostats available. Hence I had some tiny problems during the upgrade process, I decided to write this short how-to.

Time needed: 5 minutes

To upgrade the firmware of my HomeMatic HM-CC-RT-DN (105155) thermostats I took the following steps:

  1. Download the latest firmware version

    This can be done by clicking “Download” when prompted by the HomeMatic WebUI or by using the latest firmware version (currently 1.5) from here.

  2. Upload the new firmware to the CCU2

    Therefore you just have to go to Home page > Settings > Device firmware – overview¬†in your CCU2’s WebUI interface.
    At the bottom of the page there is a button “Device Firmware”.
    HomeMatic Firmware Upgrade Overview
    After a click on it, you will get to an overview of already uploaded firmware versions. In most cases the list should be empty.
    Now you can press the “New” in the Footer-Toolbar to upload the new firmware.
    If you go back to the firmware overview now (Home page > Settings > Device firmware – overview), you should see “Upgrade” buttons for all upgradable devices in the last column of the device table.

  3. Enable upgrade mode for thermostat

    Chose one of the thermostats you want to upgrade and remove one of the batteries. Wait until the display gets off. Then press both outer buttons of the thermostat simultaneously.
    HomeMatic Thermostat Firmwareupgrade
    Keep holding the buttons down while re-inserting the batteries again. Wait until “FUP” appears on the display.

  4. Start the upgrade process

    This step has to follow really quick. Go back to the firmware overview and press the mentioned “Upgrade” button of the corresponding row in the last column of the table. Afterwards the upgrade will proceed and you’ll get an success message.

  5. That’s it

    You’re nearly done. The HomeMatic thermostat will restart. After the restart the display of the respective thermostat should show “Ins”. Just press the middle button and you’re done when installation process is finished. It is the same procedure as for battery changes.

2 thoughts on “Firmware Upgrade Homematic Thermostate

  1. Really appreciated this post! I installed my Homematic system three+ years ago and its been difficult as a non-German speaker without the programming manuals translated into English. The link to source the upgrade files was important – I’d looked on the site but searches didn’t show them. This was clear and worked well…. on all but two stats controlled by a room stat… Any ideas? Thanks for the post!

    1. What exactly do you mean by two stats controlled by room stats? To control multiple thermostats in a room at once? Therefore you only nee to create rooms and attache the single devices channels. Afterwards changes on one device will be synchronized to all room members immediately.

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