Convert linefeeds for all files in a folder (CRLF to LF)

If you are working in teams using different operating systems, it could happen, that you get files with unsuitable linefeeds in it. For me as a Linux user the bad guys are normally CRLF’s (Carriage Return and Line Feed @see

To just convert the CRLF’s in a single file to LF you can use the following command:

$> dos2unix filename

The inverse operation that converts LF’s to CRLF’s is:

$> unix2dos filename

The following code snippet shows how to convert linefeeds for all files in a folder:

$> find . -type f -print0 | xargs -P 4 -0 -n 1  dos2unix 

What does this command do?

  1. searches for all files (-type f) in the current folder (.)
  2. pushes the filenames into standard output (with a tailing null character -> no Problems with whitespace or even linebreaks in filename)
  3. which is piped into xargs that is informed about the terminating null character (-0) => so knows how to interpret the input properly
  4. xargs only reads the first given argument (here: the filename) from the input (-n 1)
  5. xargs pushed the filename  to dos2unix that converts every file given
  6. The -P 4 – parameter tells xagrs to spread the different file conversion commands over at maximum four processes. Which is good to process a huge amount of files.

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