Adafriut webIDE BETA release

Adafruit web ideYeah the next prank from Adafruit! They build up their own web-based development IDE. At the moment it’s only in beta state but I think the chance is very high that it will become very awesome. Right now it runs on Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone and supports Ruby, Python and JavaScript. The genius part is, that the code is stored in the cloud. Therefore a Bitbucket account is necessary. Of course the fact that you can create your code over a web application running in the local network is a very genius feature as well! Other coot features are:

  • a terminal is included in the Web-IDE
  • a build-in Debugger
  • a Visualizer for Python that shows you what the interpreter is doing in the background

I think more features will follow – its from Adafruit! I’am curious right now 😉

You’ll find more information under

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