Split webm files into chunks on Linux

Today I had to split webm files into chunks on Linux.  The reason was, that I recorded  a screencast for a documentary. Therefore I used the Nimbus Chrome Browser Plugin (https://nimbus.everhelper.me/screenshot.php).

The problem was, that the resulting video files in webm format were much to big to upload them to our Confluence Wiki. That’s why I had to Split webm files into chunks on Linux. With the help of the avconv  (https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/avconv/), that was relatively easy.

Use avconv to split webm files into chunks on Linux

With the help of avconv I first cut off the original file after 12 Minutes, which was nearly the middle of the video. The result was saved into a new file. The original file wasn’t touched anyway. Afterwards I copied the rest of the video starting at 12 Minutes to a second file. Once again the original file was kept as it was.

That all has been done via the following simple steps:

  1. install avconv:
    $> sudo apt-get install libav-tools
  2. cut after the first 12 Minutes:
    $> avconv -i translate_articles.webm -codec: copy -t 12:00 translate_articles_1.webm
  3. copy the second part (little overlap):
    $> avconv -i translate_articles.webm -codec: copy -ss 12:00 translate_articles_2.webm

And that was all!  That were the steps to split webm files into chunks on Linux. As the result I had three files. The unchanged original and two half sized chunks in separate files. And that works with many other video formats too. Just have a look at the avconv documentation mentioned below.

Further information on how to split webm files into chunks on Linux

More information about the mentioned tools and formats can be found on these pages:


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