Plesk – get information about aliases

To get a list of all existing aliases defined for the respective system, you can connect to the MySQL database of Plesk as admin via key file:

Afterwards you can get a list of all aliases by the following select statement:

This will give you something like that:

To get more information about […]

OpenSource file sharing with pydio dataware

Just discovered pydio ( I didn’t now this nice little file sharing tool before. A partner of my agency uses this OpenSource application to share files with customers and partners. It looks very nice, is responsive, provides native apps for iOS and Android, file synchronization over all platforms, flexible access control list (ACL) and is […]

Count search results on Linux shell

Lets imagine you want to search for a term in a file and you want to know, how often it can be found in the file. With this command combination you can count search results on bash:

This is how this way to count search results works: The input file is opened in less. Afterwards […]

Syntax search engine SyntaxDB

Today I discovered a really nice syntax search engine for programming languages. You can search programming constructs like loops or conditions via an input field. You will get examples for the different programming languages. That’s pretty cool, if you are a cross language programmer like me, because sometimes it’s hard to remember each construct in the […]

Disallow crawling in robots.txt

Disallow all


Nice Python website crawler framework

Today I stumbled over while searching for an OpenSource website crawler. Its an interesting crawling and scraping framework for Python. It looks very convenient and easy to use. The most interesting feature seems to be the possibility to select website elements (f.e. hyperlinks) via CSS-selectors. In any case I’ll give it a try.

Recover lost images from SD/MMC cards

A very nice and really working recovery tool is  PhotoRec. It’s a very cool commandline tool for Linux which is able to recover all images on a SD or MMC card that have been deleted accidentally. In my case my fingers where faster than my brain and so I had kicked three rally awesome images :-/. […]