Magento – Define default values in config.xml

You can define system config value defaults in your modules config.xml like that. <?xml version=”1.0″?> <default> <myconfig_group> <settings> <test>1</test> <cronjobs>0</cronjobs> <client>0813</client> <serviceprovider>117</serviceprovider> <pricelist></pricelist> </settings> <productexport> <lux_kategorie>21</lux_kategorie> <store_view_german>1</store_view_german> <store_view_english>12</store_view_english> </productexport> </myconfig_group> </default> This sets the default value for all stores. If you want to set default values for a special store (scope), you can do it […]

Own Router or Controller

To get an own ActionController that can be called like this: … you have to add the following snippet into the FE or BE section of your config.xml: <frontend> <routers> <sns_documentmaster> <use>standard</use> <args> <module>SNS_Documentmaster</module> <frontName>nicefrontname</frontName> </args> </sns_documentmaster> </routers> </frontend>