Query Magento database object oriented

Naturally you can query Magento database directly as described in my earlier post about querying Magento database. But a much smarter way is it, to use exiting Magento objects and constructs like that: <?php /** * Sets position (sort order) values for the given attribute for a given option value. Therefore the given store specific value […]

Useful database queries

Move products to an another category UPDATE db220385_2.catalog_category_product SET category_id = 18 WHERE category_id = 19; Get all attribute option values The following example shows, how to get all available values for the attribute filter_stores SELECT ea.attribute_code, eao.option_id, eaov.store_id, eaov.value_id, eaov.value FROM eav_attribute AS ea INNER JOIN eav_attribute_option AS eao ON ea.attribute_id = eao.attribute_id INNER […]