Install Raspbian on a SD-Card

To install Rasbian on a SD-Card you have to follow these Steps

  1. Format SD-Card Fat32 (f.e. with GParted
  2. Download Raspbian (or any other operation system) from
  3. Extract the downloaded zip-file
  4. Find out what is the devicepath of your SD-Card (you can use the df-command or get a list of partitions via linux-list-of-partitions)
  5. Execute the following command
    $> dd bs=4M if=2014-09-09-wheezy-raspbian.img of=/dev/sdd

    – bs – the blocksize -> if 4M doesn’t work, use 1M
    – if – input file -> path to downloaded and extracted image
    – of – output file – the devicepath to your SD-Card

    If you want to see any progress information you can use dcfldd instead!

  6. Run sync to flush the cache
  7. Remove card and hav fun with your new Raspbian

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