Install community channel

Sometimes it is necessary to install the community channel manually.

F.e. in EE. I got the following error massage in the Magento-Connect-Manager shell when I tried to install a package via “Direct package file upload”:

CONNECT ERROR: The 'community' channel is not installed. Please use the MAGE shell script to install the 'community' channel.

What I had to do is to run the following commands on shell:

$> # go to magento root folder
$> cd /pathtomageroot 
$> # make mage shell script executable
$> chmod 777 mage 
$> # run the setup
$> ./mage mage-setup

After that you should see an message like this:

Running initial setup...
Successfully added:

Thats it! Now you should be able to install community modules over the Connect manager.


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