Load product attributes more performant

Magento - Load product attributes more performant
Recently I had performance issues when importing several ten tausend products. The problem was, that I always used the “normal” product entity model to load attribute values. The following snippet shows, how to load product attributes directly instead. Therefore I use the product resource singleton.

$iProductId = $aChange['pid'];
$oItem = new Varien_Object;

 * The old way: Baaaaaad and slow!!!
$oProduct = Mage::getModel('catalog/product')->load($iProductId); // loads all attributes and initializes model completely

# simple text attributes

# option value attributes (select boxes)

 * The old way END

 * The new way!!! Gooooood! Fast! Queries database directly and selects only necessary attributes
/* @var Mage_Catalog_Model_Resource_Product $rProduct */
$rProduct = Mage::getResourceSingleton('catalog/product');

# simple text attributes
$oItem->setName($rProduct->getAttributeRawValue($iProductId, 'name', Mage::app()->getStore()));
$oItem->getSku($rProduct->getAttributeRawValue($iProductId, 'sku', Mage::app()->getStore()));
$oItem->setSheldonArticlenbr($rProduct->getAttributeRawValue($iProductId, 'sheldon_articlenbr', Mage::app()->getStore()));
$oItem->setSheldonColor($rProduct->getAttributeRawValue($iProductId, 'sheldon_color', Mage::app()->getStore()));

# option value attributes (select boxes)
$iRawSize = $rProduct->getAttributeRawValue($iProductId, 'sns_size', Mage::app()->getStore());

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