Samba fileserver

All tricks round about samba fileserver goes here.

$> smbstatus -L

Add User

Steps to add a new samba user:

  • add Linux-User(m creates a homedirs under /home/):
    $> useradd abrandt -d /home/abrandt -c "Annika Brandt" -G users -g users -m
  • set Password:

    $> passwd abrandt
  • set Samba-Password

    $> smbpasswd -a abrandt
  • Samba reload

    $> service smbd restart
  • or

    $> service smb restart
  • or

    /etc/init.d/smb reload

Add user to group

Add new User to an existing group

$> useradd -G {group-name} username

or if user exists:

$> usermod -G {group-name} username

If you just want to add a user to a secondary group use the -a parameter.

User löschen

$> userdel -r username

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