Cleanup Ubuntu

In the last time I had the problem, that my system became very slow and wasn’t usable anymore. Here are the steps I’ve taken to get rid of this problem:

  1. Cleanup old packages
    • in the terminal:
    • got to  Settings -> Preferences -> Files
    • activate the bullet point Delete downloaded files after installation under Temporary Files
    • press the button Delete Chached Package Files
    • at this point it is a good idea to activate automatic cleanup too
  2. Remove “ghostfiles” from uninstalled software:
    • still in the Syntics package manager
    • click on status in the lefthand navigation
    • select “Not installed (residual config)” in the left-top select-box
    • mark all entries in the right-top select-box
    • right-click on the selectionc
    • select / click “Mark for Complete Removal” in the appearing context menu
    • click Apply in the top navigation
    • confirm the changes by clicking also on Apply in the summary / confirmation dialog
      Synaptic Package Manager _053
  3. Cleanup the thumbnail cache for all users over the shell:
  4. Activate automatic cleanup of thumbnail cache:
    • install cache dconf-tools:
    • run the following command on shell (for every user):
    • in the left-hand navigation go to org -> gnome -> desktop -> thumbnail-cache
    • change maximum-age to 30 (days)
    • change maximum-size to 64 (MB)
      dconf Editor_055
  5. relax and feel the speed 😀

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